Municipal Airport

, Wednesday 31 December 1969 - 19:00:00

Aviation Meeting Policy

Airport President 
Faron Parr

Vice President 
John Ferguson

Board member
Clyde Bray

Board member
Caleb Lutes


  • Airport Management
  • 24-hour credit card self-fueling pump (100LL AvGas and)
  • Aircraft parking
  • Hangars
  • Courtesy car
  • Pilots lounge
  • Public telephone
  • Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Computerized weather
  • Charter services
  • 24-hour terminal access
  • Contract crop dusting

Aviator Notes

  • Located approximately 1.5 miles NW of Portland, IN
  • PLD is on the Detroit Sectional Chart
  • Runway 9/27 4002 X 75 Asphalt
  • Elevation 925 MSL
  • AWOS 124.67
  • Unicom 122.8
  • 661 W 100 N Portland, IN 47371

Portland Municipal Airport (KPLD) History

The Portland Municipal Airport dates back to 1933 when land was leased for small north-south and east-west sod strips. These were constructed by the Federal W.P.A. and local labor. The facility was dedicated in 1934 but reverted back to farmland in 1937.

In 1942 the acreage was purchased by Oliver Steed and in 1946 was leased for use as a commercial airport. In 1947 David (Dick) Shreeve became manager of the airport, at the time a 2000 ft. sod strip.

The runway was extended to 2600 feet in 1960 and in 1966 a 3200 X 60 ft. the east-west strip was dedicated.

A new 4000 X 75 ft. was dedicated in 1982, parallel to the originally paved runway. Since that time, projects including a taxiway extension, computerized weather station, lighting projects, terminal renovation, hangar construction projects, and other modernizations have taken place.

The Federal Aviation Administration approved the justification to extend the current runway to 5500 feet in 2015 and this project is on-going.

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