Building & Zoning Department

, Thursday 18 June 2020 - 08:45:58

Pati McLaughlin
Assistant Director
118 S. Meridian Street Suite E

Department Services


  • Issue city & county building and zoning permits
  • Administer city & county zoning ordinance
  • Perform building and zoning inspections
  • Administer local plan review process
  • Administer rezoning process
  • Provide city & county plan commission staff support
  • Provide city & county board of zoning appeals staff support
  • Administer city & county flood control ordinances
  • Respond to citizen inquiries and requests

Zoning Regulations 

The City of Portland has the authority within the city limits and two (2) miles beyond the city limits. 

Floodway Areas

Floodways and floodplain areas are regulated by Portland, Jay County, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and FEMA.

If you are building near a ditch, waterway or low area, you need to contact our department for the requirements and regulations governing these areas.

Floodways and floodplain areas are available by clicking here.Opens a New Window

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Do I Need a Permit For?

  • New Home- yes
  • Garage or Carport- Yes
  • New or Enlarged Basement- Yes
  • Additions & Structural Changes- Yes
  • Roof Structural Changes- Yes
  • Porch Roof and Lean-to- Yes
  • Deck- Yes
  • Fence- Yes
  • Accessory Buildings (100 Sq. Ft & Larger)- yes
  • Pool, Above or In-Ground- Yes
  • Pond- Yes
  • Signage- Yes
  • Awning- Yes
  • Commercial Buildings & Structures- Yes
  • Agricultural Buildings & Grain Bins- Yes
  • Towers- Yes
  • Merchant & Business Occupancy- Yes
  • Home Occupation- Yes

Replacement Of...

  • Windows-No
  • Vinyl Siding-No
  • Sidewalks-No
  • Driveways-No

Permit Application Form & Fees

Permit fees vary depending on the project and are not published online. Please contact the department to obtain the permit fees applicable to your project.

The department will assist you in meeting the building and zoning requirements applicable to your project.

Permit Application (Printable

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