Mayor's Office

, Friday 04 August 2017 - 15:27:39

Dear Friends,

As Mayor of the City of Portland and on behalf of the citizens of our community, I would like to welcome you to the City of Portland. One of the best things about my role as Portland’s Mayor is the opportunity to meet so many people who live here, including the many people who chose to make Portland their home by moving here.
We are proud of Portland. Come visit us and find out why. If you are looking for an ideal location to put down roots for your family or your growing business, Portland defines the word “ideal”. Our growing community is a quality place to raise a family and bask in the warmth of a community that genuinely cares about the past, the present, and the future.

We have a first-class school system and Portland offers such diversity in economic development, employment, educational, cultural, housing and shopping opportunities that guests will want to make a return visit as a new friend of the community, or as a place to call home.
We are committed to making Portland a special community to live in, work in or visit. You will enjoy the friendliness of a small town coupled with the benefits of a growing, thriving city.

My staff is willing and equipped to help you and your business with any problems or issues that may arise pertaining to the services we offer. In addition, I am always interested in your input. If you have any questions or issues that you would like to discuss, don't hesitate to pick up a phone and call me at 260-726-9395 ext.221.

Randy D Geesaman,
Mayor, City of Portland


As chief executive, the mayor is responsible for the overall operation of city government. The mayor's term of office is for four years with no restrictions on the number of terms which can be served. The mayor’s powers and duties include:

  • Enforcing the ordinances of the city and the statutes of the state
  • Calling special meetings of the legislative body when necessary
  • Supervising subordinate officers
  • Filling vacancies in city offices when required
  • Signing all bonds, deeds, and contracts of the city and all licenses issued by the city
  • Approving or vetoing ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the legislative body
  • Appointing the heads of executive departments, employees of the departments, and most board and commission members
  • Adopting rules and regulations for individual departments
  • Preparing the city budget for council review
  • Serving as presiding officer of the council
  • Solemnizing marriages

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