Water Department

, Wednesday 10 May 2023 - 11:30:31

The new water facility went into operation in September of 1992. The new treatment plant is designed for an average daily flow of 2.2 MGD and is readily expandable to a 3.3 MGD with the addition of new water wells. Portland draws its water from three wells all located on city property near the water treatment plant. This underground water supply comes from the Teays River Valley, over which Portland is located, and assures an adequate volume of water at all times.

Two towers provide storage for 1,250,000 gallons of treated water and a 300,000-gallon tank at the water plant is used for backwashing the water filters. At the present time, Portland uses an average of 900,000 gallons a day. Portland treats its water with chlorine, for the disinfecting of viruses and bacteria, and phosphates, which minimizes the effects of iron and manganese, minerals which are found in Portland’s water.


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