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, Wednesday 02 November 2022 - 10:24:12

5 Year Park Plan Opens a New Window

Dear patrons of the Portland Water Park,

It was identified last summer by the pool manager and parks manager the tile was starting to have severe cracks resulting in damages to the tile.  In July 2021, the parks department reached out to Blakely’s Pools to evaluate the situation to determine a resolution.  In October of 2021 the company “mocked” up a wall near the zero entrance of the pool to determine the ability to withstand winter weather.  In early 2022, after talking with the representatives from Blakely’s the Portland Park Board approved the purchase of new hand tile along the perimeter of the pool to be installed in 2022.  It was first reported by Blakely’s the pool tile would be delayed arriving to the U.S in the fall unless a warehouse in the U.S would have enough tile to do the repairs.  The company was able to secure enough tile in late winter to schedule work to be completed in the spring of 2022.  The company reported the temperatures would need to reach near 60 degrees before installation to begin.  

Unfortunately, with the cold and wet spring the installation was delayed till mid-May.  The water park remained closed in late May for the tile to be completed this spring.  The tile installation was completed in early June.  After installation the tile is required to have a “curing time” before water could be added to the pool which takes near 26 days.  The date that was reported to the parks manager before water could be added to the pool would be July 18th.  After July 18th the pool takes an average of 2-3 weeks to be prepped, filled and safe water testing to be completed for health regulations.  

With the unknown delay to open the pool many of the past lifeguards found other summer employment which resulted in lack of lifeguards to safely open the water park.  The water park is required to have lifeguards with waterpark safety training beyond their standard lifeguard training.  To safely open the water park 8 lifeguards are required.  With the early start to the Jay Schools in early August and many of the lifeguards in a fall sport season the pool wouldn’t have the required lifeguards to remain open.    

On June 21st the Portland Park voted to keep the waterpark closed for the year based on limited lifeguards and limited time the pool could be opened this summer.  The board did approve for the parks manager to fill the pool and inspect all mechanical pumps to ensure proper function for next season.

The goal of the park board is open the pool for Memorial Day weekend in 2023.  Interested individuals who are wanting to become a lifeguard please contact city hall.  Other positions to be filled in 2023 will be pool manager and concession stand workers.  All interested individuals are to contact city hall or notify the Portland Park Board.  

Brian Ison,  Portland Park Board President


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