Launching a Profitable Eco-Friendly Business

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Resources for Launching a Profitable Eco-Friendly Business


Resources for Launching a Profitable Eco-Friendly Business

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Maybe you’ve been sitting on a great business idea, but you’ve hesitated to act on your plans because you’re worried that your passion for environmentalism conflicts with entrepreneurship. But today, trailblazing entrepreneurs can put the planet first as ECO-preneurs! These resources from City of Portland will walk you through your first steps as an eco-preneur.

Get Your Business Off the Ground

You’re ready to dive into entrepreneurship - here’s how to lay the foundation for a successful business.

- Put together a concise business plan to outline your offerings, your marketing strategy, and how you plan to manage operations.
- Work out your billing process and use the best invoice template to create eye-catching branded invoices.
- Start advertising open positions and interviewing candidates - make sure your first employees share your passion for environmentalism!
- If you’re considering selling products under a different name, you can register a DBA (doing business as) name with just a few steps.

Tips for Staying Sustainable

You want to make sure that your business operations reflect your values. These resources will show you how to run your company while making a minimal environmental impact.

- Using plastic alternatives instead of wasteful packaging is a great way to cut down on the amount of trash your business produces.
- If you’re running a new restaurant, this guide explains how to source local farm-to-table ingredients.
- Consider starting a reusable container program so that your customers are incentivized to bring back their containers over and over again!

Spreading Your Message

You can show your community the benefits of sustainability through outreach!

- Get your customers, neighbors, and other local business owners together for a community clean-up.
- Want to help other environmentalists network and learn more from each other? Schedule an      educational event at your business.
- Host giveaways to introduce your customers and new fans to sustainable products.

Entrepreneurs and consumers alike are interested in sustainable business. Doing business doesn’t have to be wasteful or carbon-intensive! By applying the suggestions from these resources, you’ll be able to open your very own eco-friendly company.

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